Mercy House Homeless Shelter Wilmington, North Carolina
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Helping Homeless People Help Themselves.
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       Mercy House Homeless Shelter - Wilmington North Carolina
We are located at
411 Red Cross Street
Wilmington, NC

Mercy House Homeless Shelter is a 501c-3
Non-Profit organization.


Mercy House Homeless Shelter The reasons for the person being homeless vary and are almost as numerous as the number of homeless. The congregation of Bethesda Life Christian Church determined in the mid-90's that they had to do something about the situation. They began by allowing homeless men to sleep in the church fellowship hall to prevent them having to sleep outdoors during severe weather.

As the participation increased the congregation determined that a separate structure was required and they constructed the present 42-bed facility adjacent to the fellowship hall building. Since the doors opened in October 1995 there has been an annual registration of between 3500-5000 men over the age of 18.

Of those which we have personal knowledge approximately 10-25% have used Mercy House to turn their lives around and returned to a productive life-style.

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Mercy House Homeless Shelter
P.O. Box 606, Wilmington, NC 28401
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